Non-Profit Services

We absolutely love working with our non-profit partners! We work hand in hand with the non-profit community helping these companies overcome the challenges of successfully operating their organizations. In today’s climate there are constant chances in regulation, increased transparency for financial requirements and government driven processes which need to be followed closely. We have developed processes which help our clients conduct their business in accordance to today’s regulation while helping them expand their funding, decrease tax liability and grow their support.

The Partner Approach

Like all of our services we take a “partnering approach” when working with our non-profit clients. Whether we are preparing tax returns, conducting audits and reviews or providing CFO/consulting services we strive to develop a strong personal relationship with our non-profits. Each organization has different needs, we see that so we offer as needed services which include tax preparation, audits and reviews and quarterly board meeting preparation. Other non-profit organizations require more frequent services and support. For those clients we attend weekly meetings, provide ongoing CFO services, operations support and budget planning.

Putting It All Together

Our goal is to develop long term relationships with all of our clients. Non-profit organizations face complex operational challenges and with comprehensive review, strategic decision making and proper planning we can manage successful growth with all of our clients. We can provide services for any need, the following are some areas where we shine…..

  • Tax Preparation and Filing
  • Board Meeting Support
  • Reviews and Audits
  • CFO Services
  • Assisting with Budgets and Federal Grants
  • Operations support
  • Weekly Management Meetings

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