Corporate Tax Returns


Whether you are a startup, small business, or a large corporation, you could benefit from an experienced CPA firm handling your financial planning and management. Certainly more challenging then individual returns, corporate tax returns require planning, strategy and processing deductions to ensure you are utilizing the benefits of corporate tax structure to your benefit. Proper tax review is critical in analyzing what worked, and what did not, in previous years. Too many businesses lack the attention to detail necessary for reviewing expenses, write-offs and planned purchases – which all effect tax preparation. Many companies find it’s often too late to correct the errors in previous years, however if the proper review is done in time, professionals like the advisors at our firm can make adjustments and maximize your tax returns. It is never too late to review your previous year’s tax results and make the proper plans for the upcoming year.


Tax planning is as critical to your business as projecting sales, managing marketing efforts and even managing staff. Proper tax planning ensures you are maximizing write-offs, minimizing corporate income taxes and managing your money so it stays in the company. If your business is profitable, and we hope it is, you will need to protect your profits. Our advisors help clients understand how to manage expenses, manage capital spending and plan for tax payments throughout the year.


Whatever your current business situation is, there’s no doubt you will need an experienced CPA firm to guide you in the right direction and help manage your finances. Our firm will help by informing you on areas you can increase your returns and reduce your losses. Maximizing your tax return can add profit to your bottom line, and who wouldn’t want that? 

Tips on maximizing your returns:

  • Keep track of all business expenses
  • Track all education based expenses, schooling, seminars and conventions – they are deductible
  • All expenses to other vendors over $600 have to be processed with a 10-99 form
  • Mileage reimbursement is an alternative to purchasing company vehicles and can sometimes be a more cost-effective option

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