Corporate Reviews

What is a Corporate Review?

Reviews are much less comprehensive then audits. During an audit, CPAs examine all aspects of a companies financials, past and present returns, dissecting all aspects of the company’s financials and providing a comprehensive report about the compliance of the company.

During reviews, CPAs will take a general approach to the company’s financials and reporting processes. They review the relationship between the numbers reported and the company’s actual data. However, the reviews are less comprehensive and do not provide the same assurance as an audit in regards to the accuracy and compliance of the tax reporting and financials.

Performing Corporate Reviews

At George Roberts, CPA we can help you determine if a corporate review is best for your company. We will work with you and your staff to review your company’s financials, P&L statements and company expenses. Although we do not analyze this data as critically as in an audit, we will ensure your financial reports are clear and the data you are using for tax processing is accurate.

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