Individual Tax Returns

Proper review of your expenses, investments and write-offs are critical when preparing your individual tax returns. Too many people place their family’s financial future in the hands of inexperienced tax “professionals” and rely on “big box” accounting firms who promise the most money back. It’s more complex then that and it all begins with a proper review of your annual financial statements by an experienced accountant. Income, expenses, investments, financial statements and life changing events should be carefully reviewed by an experienced tax profession to minimize your tax liability and maximize your returns. If you are a new client, we automatically review your prior year’s returns and plan accordingly for the transition to our firm.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is comprehensive and it requires extensive review to provide proper tax returns. This is why we communicate with our clients year round not just around tax time. Tax planning begins as soon as you complete the previous year’s return. We will review your income, expenses and other areas from the previous year as well as your personal financial goals. After this information is gathered we prepare a plan for the coming year. This may include adjustments to your claim status, 401k contributions and planned write-offs for say, a home office. We want to help you make the best financial decisions that will positively impact your personal returns, which is why we focus so much energy on proper tax planning.

Maximize your Return

You work extremely hard for your money and our firm works just as hard to help you maximize your returns. Our review and planning process helps us to develop a plan for each year to come. Several strategies help when trying to maximize your tax planning and returns, which include adjustments to income, investment contributions and claim status. We know tax preparation and it is our job to find any and all opportunities to maximize your financial situation.

We focus on several major factors which can maximize your tax return:

  • Adjustments to Income
  • Tracking expenses such as mileage, charitable donations and home business expenses
  • Changes in Marital Status and Dependents
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Itemized Tax Deductions
  • Maximizing Retirements Plans

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